World's Largest Car Wash Cleans 4,000 Cars A Day

This place is massive.
Toyota might be working on cars that clean themselves, but gearheads still take pride in the fact that they regularly wash their cars, and true diehards will have a dedicated driveway setup complete with a pressure hose and various shampoos and polishes to make that Corvette sparkle like the day it rolled off of the showroom floor. For the rest, a good old-fashioned car wash service will suffice, especially if you don't trust yourself with a sponge and some soapy water. In the following video, we can now get a glimpse of the world's largest car wash, and surprisingly enough, it's not in the US.
The world's largest car wash can be found in Stuttgart, Germany, which makes sense seeing as the city is home to motoring giants such as Porsche and Mercedes-Benz. This monstrosity of an operation delivers some truly astounding figures: over 300 cars get washed every hour, totaling over 4,000 cars per day and the whole operation takes up 15,000 square meters of space.
“Mr. Wash” is more than just a simple car wash, it's a living, breathing city, all dedicated to removing dirt and grime from the bumpers, hoods, and wheels of Stuttgart's cars.
Mr. Wash employs 110 washers, who on average vacuum 1,000 interiors every day, and just as Henry Ford did over a century ago, everything here works on a tightly managed assembly line, with each station getting around 30 seconds to perform a task, including spraying down the cars, foaming them up, and wiping down the interior. A dedicated hand wax station sits at the end of the line, and there are 48 vacuum stations ready to suck up whatever you left on your back seat last night. Not only does Mr. Wash clean cars, but it also offers oil-changes and a fully-serviced gas station. After seeing this, it's time for the US to step up its car wash game.


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