Woman Clings To Honda's Hood To Prevent Puppy Kidnapping

That puppy is also worth $10,000.
Desperate financial times call for desperate measures but animal cruelty and aggravated assault should never be the answer. An unnamed 21-year-old Texas woman has just learned that the hard way. NBC News reports the woman attempted to steal a puppy from a Houston area pet store but an employee attempted to stop the crime.
Security camera footage from the store shows the woman and her male accomplice taking the dog after they distracted an employee, identified as Alize James, for only a brief moment. As they ran from the store to their old Honda Accord sedan in the parking lot, James was in full pursuit.
And then things got crazy.
James tried to stop the pair from driving away but ended up being thrown onto the hood of their car. The driver hit the gas anyway. Video taken by another driver on the busy street shows James clinging to the Accord's hood as its driver was speeding and weaving their way through traffic. “I could barely hold on,” she said. “I was so scared.”
The puppy thieves refused to slow down but, eventually, they did stop. That's when the male passenger got out and punched James and then threw her off the vehicle. Thanks to that security footage from the store, police managed to track down the woman driver. She was arrested and charged her with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon.
Her male accomplice remains at large, but it won't be long until he's caught. So why did the pair want to steal the puppy? Because she's a purebred supposedly worth $10,000. That's quite a chunk of change regardless of economic circumstances. The pandemic has caused financial hardship for millions, but stealing a puppy is not the answer (nor is nearly killing a person), no matter how much they're worth.
Also, the puppy was recovering from surgery and required medication. The pair probably wasn't aware of that because they made no attempt to steal the medicine, too.


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