Watch The New GMC Hummer In Action

Sadly, we'll have to wait a while longer to see if the real thing behaves the same.
One of 2020's biggest automotive reveals was the GMC Hummer EV. In one fell swoop, General Motors revived the Hummer nameplate, fired shots at the Tesla Cybertruck, and showed the world what it has planned for its electric onslaught. The only trouble is that we still have to wait for the Hummer EV, as despite selling out of Edition 1 models in under an hour, buyers will have to wait until 2022 to actually take delivery while other derivatives aren't expected until as late as 2024. But because the final development is still being handled, GMC has decided to satisfy the desires of fans to see the Hummer in action with its latest video, a 1-minute 32-second display of the electric truck on the street and in the mud.
There's just one problem. While it all looks brilliant, the vehicle in the video is fake. That's right, the Hummer showing off all its various abilities, including Crab Mode, is nothing more than an animation designed to create even more hype around the model. We'll admit, it all looks very attractive, and we're eager to see the real thing in action, so this video has done what it intended to do by whetting our appetites further.
It's also the latest addition to the @generalmotorsdesign Instagram page, which has previously brought us a number of design sketches showing us alternate design possibilities for the Hummer as well as a number of potential designs that could yet see production.
As for the Hummer itself, we're hoping it can live up to the hype being generated. At launch, Edition 1 models will be fully-loaded machines carrying an asking price of $112,595. They'll feature the full tri-motor setup delivering 1,000 horsepower to an electric AWD system and with an available 350-mile range. Additionally, the trim will feature the latest Super Cruise semi-autonomous driving capabilities, HD surround-view cameras, a digital key, special interior badging, and a unique color scheme of Lunar Horizon inside and white exterior paint.


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