Watch The Fastest Toyota MR2 In The World Destroy The Strip

It's faster than your McLaren.
Everyone loves an underdog story: who doesn't love watching a beat-up old sedan destroying exotic supercars worth tons more money. This especially rings true in the Japanese tuning scene where humble people carriers such as Honda Civics have been turned into quarter-mile monsters. The fact that you can slap a massive turbocharger on a small capacity four-cylinder engine and make more power than a million-dollar McLaren is just too appealing, and this trend has been pushed to the extremes in recent years. One such example is this mid-nineties Toyota MR2 that has been tuned beyond what most people would consider “extremely rapid”. In the following video we get to witness the fastest Toyota MR2 ever in action, and it is truly a sight to behold.
The car in question is a second-generation MR2 that has done away with the standard Toyota powerplant, and is now motivated by a turbocharged K20 Honda engine. These engines have proven time and again to make massive amounts of power with relatively few mods. This car however has been modified to the extreme and now produces 1,200 horsepower. From a 2.0-liter engine.
The second-gen MR2 has grown in popularity as a drag racing weapon due to its mid-engine layout, which places the weight of the engine over the rear wheels, naturally increasing traction to the rear wheels. In the video, we can see this Honda-powered MR2 take advantage of that to the fullest extent.
Thanks to some trick performance-measuring software, we get to take a look at the physical numbers this car achieves, and it is mind-blowing: sixty-feet disappears in 1.62 seconds and is quickly followed by a zero to sixty time of 2.56 seconds, which is just shy of the 2.4 second time posted by the $3 million-plus Bugatti Chiron.
Things only heat up from here, as the MR2 goes from 60-130 mph in 3.33 seconds, and eventually crosses the quarter mile in 8.87 seconds at a glorious 174.55 mph, making it the fastest MR2 that we know of. Forget what muscle car fans say about displacement; this is the real deal.


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