Toyota Supra Transforms Into New Batmobile

It certainly looks the part.
Love it or hate it, the latest Toyota Supra is going to be here for a solid period of time, and while it's here, tuners are going to do their best to modify the living hell out of it. We've already seen some insane body kits being designed for the fifth-generation car, and some have upped the power to ridiculous levels, but things really get interesting when designers start to play with the fundamental design of the new Supra.
Digital automotive designer Ted Li has recently come up with a couple of striking designs that wouldn't look out of place in a new Batman movie, and we think it looks awesome.
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Li reveals three very different designs, each complementing the Supa's already shapely curves. The first is a flared monstrosity that is only visible from the rear. No matter: what is on display looks really badass, we're just not sure how it will clear obstacles in the road, such as bad guys falling from the back of pickup trucks. The second on display is a lifted off-roader with angular body panels resembling anti-tank armor and looks like a Tesla Cybertruck of sorts. The third is a Karlmann King inspired creation that also sports a lifted ride height. This thing more closely resembles Batmobiles of old, and wouldn't seem out of place in the new movie.
Li is clearly passionate about the Supra, as he makes clear: “This year started with Supra and ended with Supra? I'm pretty sure I have an obsession with JDM cars.”
Li doesn't mention any engine modifications, so it's safe to assume that his creations will still run the excellent BMW-sourced inline-six engine which produces a solid 382 hp and 368 lb-ft. The Supra might split opinions in terms of its DNA, but you can't deny that it's a pretty cool-looking car, even in standard form.
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