This Insane Nissan Skyline GT-R Has A Nascar V8 Engine

It sounds and looks like nothing else.
When you're a professional drifting driver, it's no surprise that you'll go to great lengths to build the cars of your dreams that won't necessarily come out of the factory. Japan's Daigo Saito is an example of this. In 2019, Saito equipped a new-generation Toyota GR Supra with none other than Toyota's classic 2JZ inline-six, something many purists would love to do themselves. But Saito's latest engine swap project is even wilder. With an early Nissan Skyline GT-R as a base, Saito has gone ahead and installed a monster Dodge Nascar R5P7 V8 with around 800 horsepower. Even better, the car will be on display at the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon taking place this month.
The car itself is owned by Osamu Hamanaka, but Saito has taken charge of this ambitious project and documented it on his Instagram account. As expected, this custom Hakosuka Skyline GT-R sounds thunderous and has the looks to match its insane power plant. The high-revving V8 is paired with an RTS GForce four-speed gearbox and it comes with a Sikky/Winters quick-change rear-end. Custom control arms for the rear suspension have been supplied by Kei Miura. There are many other upgrades made to the original body like the aggressive fender flares and the extreme negative camber on the front tires, a common sight on drift-focused builds.
An earlier post from Saito showed the modified GT-R sitting on Yokohama tires. It has Work wheels and a Rocket Bunny body kit. While not every single component looks perfect, the car makes such a spectacle of itself that you can’t help but forgive any of its flaws. Not much from the original has been retained, but the fender mirrors and headlights seem to not have been messed with, not that you’d notice with everything else going on. Interestingly, this Skyline GT-R isn’t the only GT-R heading to Tokyo this year. A prototype kit called the Final Edition for the dated R35 Nissan GT-R will be on display at the show too. As extreme as this kit is, it’s Saito’s Nascar-powered GT-R that looks set to steal all the attention.


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