The True Spiritual Successor To The Supra Mk4 Is Actually The BMW M2

Despite its legendary status, despite everyone knowing the 2JZ engine code, despite great reviews in era, the Mk4 Supra was a sales stunner only in its stunning lack of sales.

And it was followed by the Lexus LFA. Both were well-loved, highly overengineered, cars that Toyota dumped money into and got little to nothing back for. So is it really surprising that the automaker is a little gun shy now?
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Jason Cammisa, in his latest video for Hagerty, argues that Toyota’s decision to turn to BMW for its latest Supra is both understandable and a pretty good idea. Reasoning that the deal led to the creation not just of the new Supra but the new Z4, too, he argues that we’re all better off with it, even if the M2 CS is a better car.
The good news is that the Supra is, in many ways, a more dynamic car than the Z4. Despite BMW’s best efforts, Toyota’s tuning team was just better at getting the most out of the chassis.
And that’s because BMW is actually much better at making sporty sedans and coupes than it is at making all-out sports cars. With the exception of the M1, Cammisa argues that the BMW’s Z cars are better on spec sheets than they are in real life.
Despite the joys of the new Supra, though, the the M2 can actually be considered as a much better spiritual successor to the Mk4 Supra. It has twin-turbo inline-six, comes with a manual, rear seats, and is a real driver’s car.
Hard to argue with that.

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