Skoda Kodiaq SE L 2.0 TDI 190 4×4 DSG 7st: Living with it

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It’s getting on for halfway through our Skoda’s time with us, and it’s as brilliantly practical and easy to live with as ever. If there’s any irritation, it’s that I find the sat-nav’s postcode entry unfathomably awkward. It’s just unnecessarily time consuming, and involves way more button-pushes than are strictly necessary, to input a postcode. It’s a niggling thing but one that I find the most frustrating detail of the Skoda.
As another aside, the Kodiaq’s price has gone up a bit, rising by some lb400 to lb34,470 over the lb34,035 it cost when we started running the car. Perhaps more annoying is that the monthly PCP cost has also gone up by some lb25 per month, currently at around lb450pm for three years after a lb5000 deposit. That’s still properly competitive, and every manufacturer inches its priced up over the months and years but it’s a noticeable jump.
While I was playing around on the Skoda configurator, I noticed that there is now an estimated monthly cost for each option which is a really nice touch. Means you can judge how much the option is going to push up your monthly payment, making it really easy to decide if it’s worth it or not even if you’re financing.
Anyway, check out the video update and if you’ve any questions about our Skoda or want to tell us about your Skoda experience, give us a shout on Twitter @Motor1UK or @VickyParrott, or via the official Motor1 UK Facebook page.
First Report | Second Report | Third Report | Fourth Report | Fifth Report | Final Report


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