Singer Reveals Its Dirt-Ready Porsche 911

This sports car was not built for the race track.
Singer Vehicle Design is renowned for its incredible recreation Porsche 911 models that prospective buyers often wait years to take possession of. Its latest creation is called the Singer All-Terrain Competition Study, and it harkens back to Porsche's 1980s rallying heritage with models like the 959 and 911 SC/RS.
Based on recent spy shots, the 2021 Porsche 911 Carrera may spawn a factory safari variant, much like this new Singler model. Working with 911 rally specialist Richard Tuthill, Singer was tasked with modifying the client's air-cooled 911 for off-road racing and all-terrain exploration. The All-Terrain Competition Study isn't a one-off, as the client actually commission two of them. The first is finished in Singer's iconic Parallax White color, while the second wears a brighter shade of Corsica Red.
Singer says the white car is designed specifically for high-speed desert rallying and the red car focuses more on high-speed, high-grip tarmac driving. Each car features a raised ride height, more suspension travel, and greater overall strength than a standard 911. The carbon fiber body panels are designed for quick replacement and easy underbody access in case either car is damaged while driving off-road.
Though Singer's extensive modifications make the All-Terrain Competition Study a bespoke vehicle, it's loosely based on a 1990 964 Porsche 911. Power comes from a 3.6-liter twin-turbocharged, air-cooled flat-six engine producing 450 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque driving a permanent all-wheel-drive system. A sequential racing transmission with front, center, and rear limited-differentials helps put that power down on any terrain.
“So much of what we've done for the last decade has been inspired by Porsche's competition success and the All-Terrain Competition Study provides us the opportunity to showcase that idea literally and vividly. We at Singer are motorsport nerds in our hearts and demonstrating our understanding of the discipline required our off-road vision to display deeply legitimate competition credentials from the structural engineering to the bodywork ethos, to the mechanical package,” said Rob Dickinson, Founder and Executive Chairman of the Singer Group.
“We've taken particular inspiration from the iconic Rothmans-sponsored 911 SC/RS and 959 that conquered events like the Qatar International Rally and Paris Dakar in the mid-'80s and, at the request of our client, have reimagined these all-terrain 911s in their honor while utilizing fresh perspectives and state of the art know-how.”
Inside, the cars are fitted with FIA specification seats and harnesses, plus a full roll cage. There are even in-seat rehydration systems and a race-inspired GPS navigation system. Some of the other race-inspired details include a long-range fuel tank, two full-size spare wheels in the trunks, long-travel suspension with twin five-way adjustable dampers on each corner, and BF Goodrich all-terrain tires.
While Singer did not provide a price tag for the All-terrain Competition Study, the company says these off-road modifications will be available to customers who wish to order one based on an agreement with the commissioning owner. Future commissions will be built at Tuthill's facility in Oxfordshire, UK, with available support packages for racing and maintenance.


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