See where Lamborghini’s iconic designs are born

The automotive industry is made up of many professions, but there is only one that speaks a universal language capable of being understood by everyone and arousing emotions: that of design. Designing a car means giving shape to an idea of beauty, proportions, and function, which changes according to the type of car.
The style of each vehicle represents a challenge, creative and technical, to say the least, whose complexity can be understood only by visiting a style centre. Better still is visiting a special place like the one where dream supercars like Lamborghini are born.
The future of Lamborghini:
Secret of Style
The third episode of the Made in Motor Valley web series, therefore, makes a stop in Sant’Agata Bolognese where Mitja Borkert, the head of Lamborghini Design, opened the doors of one of the most reserved departments within a car manufacturer. In the Lamborghini Style Centre, on the dozens of monitors on which the eyes of the designers and modellers team are focused, are the cars that we will see take shape in the next ten years.
Which, in the case of Automobili Lamborghini, can be “traditional” supercars, or hypercars produced in special series destined for a handful of collectors. Not to mention the one-off or prototypes that are designed to experiment and define the evolution of the stylistic traits of the brand.
Between Form and Function
In this video, together with Borkert, we have retraced the process by which the design of a new Lamborghini was born. A long and exciting process that requires patience, sacrifice, and teamwork to “fizzle” the best style that must meet the needs of aesthetic appeal (obviously) and technical function – that means aerodynamics, performance, and safety, not to mention marketing. During our visit, we could not help but touch the current stylistic manifesto of the future Lamborghini: the extraordinary Terzo Millennio.
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