SCG taps Le Mans winner and F1 constructor for Le Mans Hypercar campaign

The World Endurance Championship will see the introduction of the highly anticipated Le Mans Hypercar class in 2021, and set to compete in this new top category for its inaugural season will be America’s Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus, going up against Toyota.
SCG is a much smaller player than Toyota, but it is teaming up with some big racing names for its LMH campaign which is built around the new 007 hypercar. Included in that campaign will be this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans.
In an interview with Sportscar365 published Monday, SCG founder James Glickenhaus said his company tapped Joest Racing and Sauber to not only help during the 007’s development but also during the car’s racing campaign.

James Glickenhaus – Image via Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus Facebook page
Specifically, Sauber, a Formula One constructor that currently supports the Alfa Romeo F1 team, has lent SCG its aerodynamics expertise including use of a wind tunnel, while Joest Racing, a 15-times Le Mans winner with close links to Audi and Porsche, is expected to help out with logistics and some of the additional team operations during the campaign. Glickenhaus, along with SCG’s WEC chief, Luca Cianchetti, will be running the show, however.
“It would be completely crazy for me to buy seven trucks and all kinds of pit equipment if someone already has it, or for me to build my own wind tunnel and do the aerodynamics,” Glickenhaus said.
SCG has previously named Podium Advanced Technologies as a partner. The Italian firm is an engineering outfit that has helped multiple teams deliver class wins at Le Mans over the past decade, and has been tapped by SCG to construct the 007 race car whose initial shakedown should take place later in January.

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG 004C race car
Note, the 007 isn’t the only new race car from SCG. The company also has the 004C (shown above) which will make its competition debut later this year in the 24 Hours of N”urburgring.
Glickenhaus is clearly a man who loves cars. He loves them so much, in fact, he wants to create new ones to bring joy to the world. He started creating fabulous machines back in 1971 when he converted a Lola T70 race car into a machine he could drive on the street. That was 001. His real claim to fame was with 002, the Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina that was built on the bones of a donor Enzo. Sacrificing a special series Ferrari for the car of your dreams? Now that’s passion.
However, this was only the start of things to come. Glickenhaus always wanted to build cars of his own, partly because, just like Enzo Ferrari and Carroll Shelby before him, he wanted to fund a racing program. Specifically, a racing program that would see his cars gunning for overall victory at Le Mans, something he’s been seriously planning since at least 2012. Well, the time is almost upon us.


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