Redditor Creates Digital Car Magazine Using Forza Horizon Screen Grabs

Feeling nostalgic for a good old-fashioned 2000s car magazine? A redditor with the username EYui clearly knows a little something about that era and put together a digital magazine using Forza Horizon 4 screen grabs.

The text comes from various British publications, and all the authors have been credited. You can browse through the magazine by clicking here.
“All photos taken in-game and post-edited with Lightroom/Photoshop. Most texts are from evo or other British publications (authors are credited) as I did not have time to write everything myself,” said the designer.
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Putting together a car magazine can be a fun and creative experience. Once you’ve got the content plan ready, you can start working on the layout.
Here, there are 78 pages in total, plus front and back covers, and various ads. In fact, we count 13 ads, including the one on the back cover.
Now, for those of you interested in the gaming part, at the end of this year you’ll be able to play a brand new iteration of Forza Motorsport, at 4K resolution (60 FPS) on the Xbox Series X. A fifth installment of Forza Horizon is also in development and may even debut before Forza Motorsport.


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