Porch Pirate Gets Instant Karma As His Car Gets Stuck In The Snow Trying To Escape

Porch pirates are the bane our ecommerce existence, but one certainly had a bad day and it was all caught on video.

Posted on Reddit, the clip begins with someone catching a would-be thief at their front door. The man quickly runs to his car, but is so spooked he takes the long way around.
After circling back to the driver’s side door, he hops in and attempts to flee. This doesn’t go according to plan as the would-be thief turns the wheel and reverses into a snowbank.
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Idiot attempts to steal a package and gets caught in the act and then makes the dumbest getaway in history (Part 2 in comments) from r/IdiotsInCars

While it looks relatively small, the snowbank is large enough to trap the Toyota Yaris in its cold clutches. After trying to free himself for a few seconds, the porch pirate gets out and makes a half-hearted attempted to push the vehicle.
The clip ends shortly thereafter, but a second video shows two police cars surrounding the Yaris. Despite being trapped and surrounded, the criminal mastermind apparently chills out and takes a sip of water.
He then gets out briefly, before sitting back down in the car. This doesn’t amuse the officers who command him to “step out of the car now,” and then pull him from the vehicle. It remains unclear if they were charged with anything, but the video is pretty damning even if the person didn’t manage to steal the package.
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