Pontiac Grand Prix Driver Has A Near Miss, Fails Miserably At Doing A J-Turn

Just because you’ve seen your favorite Hollywood actor drifting around corners and performing picture-perfect stunts, that doesn’t mean you have the necessary skills to do the same, as this driver recently discovered.

The clip was recently posted to YouTube and has already attracted quite a lot of attention on Reddit. It was filmed on December 17 in Durham, North Carolina and initially shows the driver of a silver Pontiac Grand Prix attempting to overtake a Subaru Impreza on the right-most lane of the road.
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It doesn’t take long for the driver of the Pontiac to realize that they didn’t have enough room to squeeze past the Subaru, as they were heading straight for the median. Rather than hitting the brakes and pulling in behind the Impreza, the driver pulls the emergency brake, locking up the rear wheels and sending the car into a spin.
Dumb luck was on the side of the driver and they managed to avoid hitting the curb and damaging the car. It seems as though this lucky escape encouraged the driver to try and do a J-turn.
After the initial spin, the driver can be seen reversing through the large intersection before quickly turn and pulling the emergency brake in an attempt to spin the car around. While doing J-turns may look easy in the movies, doing them in the real world is very difficult and the Pontiac ends up slamming into the curb, inevitably damaging its wheels and, probably, the suspension.


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