Official: Watch The SSC Tuatara Set A New Speed Record

On a much shorter 2.3-mile stretch of runway, the Tuatara surpassed Koenigsegg's effort.
The internet misses nothing. SSC North America found this out the hard way last year when its record-breaking top speed run of 331 mph for a production car didn’t go as planned. That top speed run, completed in Nevada, was done in the company’s Tuatara hypercar, but eagle-eyed enthusiasts immediately found inconsistencies in the original footage, after which SSC promised to redo the record attempt. That didn’t go well either, but SSC seems to have finally nailed the epic achievement, with the Tuatara hitting a two-way average speed of 282.9 mph and a Southbound maximum of 286.1 mph.
This record was achieved at the Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on January 17. Some of the other numbers worth shouting about include reaching the top speed of 286 mph in a distance of just 1.9 miles, accelerating from 274-286 mph in only 2.87 seconds, and reaching 244 mph in just one mile. The Tuatara has now broken the two-way speed record which previously stood at 277.9 mph, a mark set by the Koenigsegg Agera RS. The Tuatara also exceeded the Agera RS's top speed of 284.55 mph.
In the video above, the Tuatara reaches its top speed at around the 03:20 mark, and this time, that number was clearly indicated via the Vbox Racelogic display. The speed was also validated by Garmin, Life Racing, and the IMRA (International Mile Racing Association). So, why didn’t the Tuatara eclipse the magic 300-mph mark? Well, the 2.3-mile runway simply wasn’t long enough to go faster. With more space, it’s inevitable that it will reach an official figure of over 300 mph.
SSC has achieved its first goal of a verified and indisputable world record, though. For this run, Dr. Larry Caplin was behind the wheel. He himself is a Tuatara owner. “I got a taste of full power in the top of seventh on the last run,” he said. “I am excited to come back and break 300 mph.” Jarod Shelby, CEO of SSC, said: “Larry pulled off a run that was far more difficult, at least by a factor of four, than what we attempted in Nevada.”


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