Mercedes Reveals Massive 56-Inch Hyperscreen

Mercedes is taking its MBUX infotainment technology to the next level in the EQS.
First unveiled for the Mercedes A-Class in 2018, the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) is one of the most impressive infotainment systems on the market, with its intuitive interface and advanced AI learning functions. In the new Mercedes S-Class, the MBUX system runs on a 12.8-inch touchscreen and a 12.3-inch digital driver's gauge cluster. For the upcoming electric EQS Sedan, Mercedes is taking this technology to the next level.
An optionally available MBUX “Hyperscreen” adds a large, curved screen that extends almost the entire width of the interior from the left to the right A-pillar.
Several displays appear to blend seamlessly to create a curved screen that's over 56 inches wide. The Hyperscreen isn't all-digital either, as the analog air vents are incorporated into the digital surface.
Surrounding the Hyperscreen is a continuous plastic front frame painted in Silver Shadow that undergoes an extensive three-coating process for a premium look. Ambient lighting is also integrated into the lower part of the Hyperscreen, making the display appear to float on the instrument panel. Integrated ambient lighting installed in the lower part of the MBUX Hyperscreen makes the display unit appear to float on the instrument panel.
Front passengers will also be able to operate the Hyperscreen on their own display with up to seven profiles displaying individualized preferences. To prevent the driver from being distracted, entertainment functions are not displayed if the passenger seat is unoccupied and are replaced with a digital decorative part displaying animated Mercedes logo stars. OLED technology is used for the central and front passenger displays with self-luminous image pixels and high contrast levels for the best possible display quality.
The graphics are displayed in a new blue and orange color scheme, while the classic cockpit display with two circular instruments has been refreshed with an all-new digital look. Operating the interface will be even easier than ever. A new “zero layer feature” makes the most important applications always available at top of the screen, eliminating the need to scroll through sub-menus or give voice commands. In EV mode, functions such as the boost and recuperation are visualized in a new way, with a “spatially moving clasp.”
Thanks to its advanced AI, the Hyperscreen's user interface has context-sensitive awareness and can automatically display functions at an appropriate time by learning the user's behavior.

Since it's one of the most used applications, the navigation is always at the center of the screen unit, while up to 20 further functions such as birthday reminders and to-do list suggestions are automatically offered. For example, if the user always calls a particular person on a Tuesday night, the system will suggest calling them each Tuesday night at the same time.
It can also automatically suggest using the hot-massage function in colder temperatures if it is regularly used, turn on the heated steering wheel if it is regularly used with the heated seats, and raise the suspension on steep driveways.
Expect Mercedes to reveal more information and teasers about the EQS in the run-up to the electric sedan's debut in the spring.


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