Meet The Picasso PS-01: A New Supercar From Switzerland

Powered by an Italian V6.
Switzerland shares its border with France, Germany, and Italy. All these nations produce some of the finest luxury and sports cars in existence. Germany and Italy’s products are well-known, while France is the home of Bugatti. In that context, it’s perhaps strange that Switzerland has been so quiet on the automotive front – when it isn’t banning polluting gas-powered vehicles, at least – but that is all set to change thanks to Picasso Automotive. The company has teased images of its first product, a lightweight supercar known as the PS-01. The company gets its name from its CEO and Founder, Stefano Picasso.
The new supercar weighs in at just 1,984 pounds and the body includes a massive carbon fiber panel that measures 10.5 feet. The company hasn't yet shared official specifications for the Swiss supercar, but it's expected to use a twin-turbo V6 engine that will produce in the region of 600 horsepower. Notably, this V6 is said to come from a well-known Italian car, which sounds like a good thing if you ask us.
Early images of the PS-01 show off prominent rear arches and flowing lines that should make it extremely aerodynamic. Picasso has described the car as “shaped by the wind.” Notable features include a large rear wing and a hood scoop which should contribute to effective cooling of the mid-mounted engine.
Further development of the first PS-01 example is taking place in Lugano, Switzerland, with the initial track tests to be conducted imminently, prior to the car's completion in spring 2021. Several high-profile technical partners will contribute to the final product, as the PS-01 is said to use an Ohlins suspension, the same company that produces the shock absorbers for the incredible Pagani Huayra BC. Carbo Brake will supply the brakes and the gearbox comes from Sadev.
We've seen what smaller hypercar companies like Koenigsegg can achieve with an imaginative CEO at the helm, and Picasso Automotive may just follow a similar path.


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