Lexus Copies Adidas With ‘All In’ Campaign Slogan For 2021 IS

Lexus’ overly enthusiastic marketing team has come up with a dynamic and youthful way to promote the 2021 IS. They’re pointing to sneakerheads, audiophiles, gamers and other types of people that are “all in” on their passions, something IS buyers might also feel when looking at the Japanese sports sedan.

Thing is, the “All In” campaign slogan was already taken, although that shouldn’t put you off when it comes to the new IS.
Anyway, Adidas came up with an identically-named campaign back in 2011, featuring star athletes and other celebrities such as Derrick Rose (in the middle of an MVP season with the Chicago Bulls), Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona / Argentina), Katy Perry and others. It was one of the biggest sports ad campaigns of the entire decade.

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“The IS customer is our youngest, most fiercely authentic yet,” said Lexus marketing VP Lisa Materazzo. “The marketing campaign, like the new IS, is equally authentic and celebrates those who fully embrace their passions.”
Instead of using actors, Lexus’ “All In” campaign features eight micro-influencers. There are two main spots, titled ‘Names’ and ‘Vanity Plates’. The first one shows people from different walks of life who identify through their passions, while the other shows just how far such people will go to show off how passionate their are.

“To ensure connection with all consumers, unique ads were created to further explore the meaning of “all in” for Asian, Black, Hispanic and LGBTQ markets.”
The two spots will air during primetime, special events and sports events (NFL Playoffs / NBA).

Adidas’ “All In” marketing campaign was the biggest one in the brand’s history


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