LEAKED: Name Of Ford's Electric F-150 Confirmed

An old name is now being repurposed for the future.
The Ford F-150 is a household name in America. The country's best-selling truck for 43 years has just entered its 14th generation for the 2021 model year with a slew of upgrades ranging from a massive new infotainment system and fold-flat sleeper seats to a hybrid version with a built-in generator for all your on-site power tools. But perhaps the biggest news of the new generation is that Ford is going electric.
After debuting the Mustang Mach-E as its first pure EV, the Blue Oval is readying an EV onslaught with an electric F-150 to tackle the Tesla Cybertruck, GMC Hummer EV, and the Rivian R1T. Ahead of the official reveal, the teaser campaign has started. We've already seen the electric truck's new face in shadow and seen test mules tackling snow, but now, it seems the truck officially has a name. Ford's e-truck will be called the Ford E-150.
Ford hasn't officially broadcast this information, but while digging through the NHTSA's website for information on the 2021 F-150, CarBuzz stumbled upon a vehicle profile for the 2021 Ford E-150. It's a perfect name for the vehicle, with 'E' representing its electrification and the '150' representing its size and intended 'level of duty', placing it on parity with the F-150.
Giving it a unique name has benefits for Ford, though, as by making it a standalone model, the brand can give it a completely unique design and not be encumbered by the boundaries surrounding the F-150 moniker. What surprises us most, however, is that the profile lists it as a 2021 model, despite Ford already claiming that it will be launching in mid-2022.
The anoraks among you may, of course, remember that the Ford E-Series was Ford's full-size van for a number of years and was discontinued in 2014 to be replaced by the Ford Transit – which itself is getting an all-electric variant. The E-Series still exists in some form as a cutaway van-based chassis, but these are E-350 and E-450 variants, so we doubt a 150 would be made available.
Perhaps it's a coincidence, or, perhaps Ford planned this the entire time, knowing that an electric F-150 would be coming. The Ford Motor Company still holds the trademark for the E-150 name, too, despite the lesser E-Series van variants being out of service, adding further fuel this could be the new truck's name. Recycling the E-Series nameplate is a brilliant way of retaining the brand's heritage and rebooting it in a future-safe manner, not at all dissimilar to what the American automaker already did by turning the Mach-E SUV into a member of the Mustang family.


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