Koenigsegg Has No Interest In An SUV, Might Consider A Mad Max-Esque Gemera

Christian von Koenigsegg says that, in contrast to other high-end brands, he has no intention of building a high-performance SUV.

At the start of 2020, Koenigsegg ventured into a space of the market it had never occupied before with the launch of the four-seat Gemera. During a recent interview, the man behind the hypercar manufacturer was asked by YouTuber Misha Charoudin if the brand’s family of models could grow further with an SUV.
Von Koenigsegg replied that he typically builds cars that he likes and he “has never been a great fan of SUVs” as he likes “sporty behavior” when he is driving. Additionally, he says that the handling dynamics of an SUV on the road aren’t good and that the whole idea of performance SUVs is an oxymoron, stating that car manufacturers building them are creating the kinds of vehicles that handle poorly and then trying to fix them.
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Rather than venturing into the world of SUVs, von Koenigsegg says it would be more exciting for his company to build a high-riding version of the Gemera with Mad Max-inspired styling that offers exceptional performance on the street while also having some serious off-road credentials and being able to speed across sand dunes.
Of course, this isn’t to say that such a vehicle will be released, as Koenigsegg already has quite a lot on its plate readying both the Jesko and the Gemera for the production line. Nevertheless, if there’s enough customer demand, we wouldn’t rule out the Swedish company launching a Gemera variant that will be able to venture off the beaten track.


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