Kim Kardashian Got 5 Mercedes-Maybachs For Christmas

Kanye West doesn't do Christmas presents by half.
When it comes to Christmas presents, one generally buys a loved one something that they want or need, and ideally something they will use. But when you're Kanye West, practicality and common sense are not terms that you're familiar with. Even good taste is a foreign concept, as evidenced by the musician's modified Lamborghini Urus. Poor taste aside, West certainly knows how to make a splash, and splash out for Christmas he did, buying his wife Kim Kardashian not one, not two, not even three, but FIVE Maybachs for the holiday. If that's not proof of questionable sense, we don't know what is.
This isn't like any other duplicate gift either. If you get five pairs of socks for Christmas, you will be able to use all of them in one week. But five Maybachs? The Mercedes-Maybach S is not cheap at all, with pricing starting at over $170,000 for the so-called base version and cresting $200k before options for the top trim. Multiplied by five, that means that West spent close to or over a million dollars on one person's gift. We suppose his financial woes aren't too serious then, but West and Kardashian do have a history of treating each other to ludicrously expensive gifts, so perhaps this sort of thing is considered normal. Then again, it could just be about making the headlines again.
And don't worry – it's not like Yeezy didn't get similarly opulent gifts himself. TMZ reports that Kim K returned the favor with several James Turrell (Kanye's favorite artist) pieces that are rumored to have cost in excess of a million bucks too. Celebrity media houses report that West and Kardashian are having a tough time of their marriage, so perhaps these ostentatious gifts to each other are a way of the couple trying to repair their marriage. While we don't generally care much for what celebs get up to, we can't help but think that Kim K won't be using all five Maybachs. We've got space in our garage if you're keen on donating one or two, Kim.


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