Kid Lying On Sofa On A Trailer Down The Highway Must Have A Death Wish

It only recently ticked over into 2021 and already we have the first nomination for this year’s Darwin Award.

This video recently posted to Reddit shows a Honda Odyssey towing a trailer down a U.S. highway with a large sofa loaded onto it. What makes the scene frightening is the fact that there’s a young male lying down on the sofa as the Odyssey travels at motorway speeds.
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The clip was filmed from the driver of a pickup who pulled his vehicle up alongside the trailer to get a view of the guy on the sofa. Evidently, he isn’t concerned about putting his life in danger like this and acknowledges the pickup next to him, flashing a peace sign before the truck driver pulls in behind the Honda and the video cuts off.
We’ve seen some pretty dumb things in our time but this is one of the dumbest and most dangerous to date. If the guy riding on the sofa were to somehow lose his grip, he could easily tumble to the road and be hit, and possibly killed, by other motorists. Moreover, were the Honda itself to get involved in a crash, he could also be gravely injured – or worse.
Idiot on sofa, on a trailer, while going on the highway from r/IdiotsInCars


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