Gun-Loving SUV Driver Fires Shots At Tesla Model 3

And it was all caught on camera.
It's a known fact some people simply don't like Tesla owners. The reasons range from the supposed elitist attitudes of EV drivers to SUV owners believing Tesla to be a threat to their beloved combustion engine. One example of this anti-EV attitude is ICE-ing, the act of physically blocking a Tesla Supercharger station with a truck or SUV. As annoying as that is for Tesla owners wanting nothing more than to recharge their cars, it's not violent.
But according to Nashville ABC News affiliate WKRN, EV hatred now involves guns. Police are hoping to identify the driver of a gold/tan GMC Envoy who fired shots from inside the SUV toward a Tesla Model 3 driver.
It all happened while driving in traffic last Tuesday night. The victim was driving his Model 3 when the suspect pulled up alongside him and, for unknown reasons, fired a handgun several times towards the EV. Fortunately, the Tesla’s owner managed to pull off to the side of the road without getting hit and immediately called the police. The Model 3, however, was hit by a few shots.
But the good news is that thanks to TeslaCam, the vehicle’s integrated dashcam that uses the Autopilot camera, footage of the shooting was recorded. The owner has since turned over that video to authorities to help locate the shooter and serve as evidence.
Police are now offering a $1,000 cash reward to help find the guy. The report did not offer any details about the Model 3 driver nor the suspected shooter, but it does seem kind of crazy for this to be a random incident. What could urge someone to fire a gun and potentially seriously hurt or kill another driver?
It’s possible this was a case of mistaken identity since there are a lot of Model 3s on the road these days. But let’s hope this was not a deliberate violent act against an EV driver simply because they’re driving an EV.


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