FCA Sold 20% Less Dodge Vipers Last Year Than In 2019 – Wait, What?

Even though production of the Dodge Viper ended back in 2017, we know that there are still several examples collecting dust in dealer lots.

Four of them were sold last year, including two in the third and another two in the fourth quarter, which actually represented a 20 percent drop over 2019, when Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) managed to part ways with 5 of them.
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The numbers were made public in the auto giant’s sales summary of 2020, which also shows other “dead” vehicles that somehow managed to find new owners. One of them is the Dodge Dart, which left production in 2016, but 7 customers flocked to buy it in 2020. The year before, FCA sold 15 units of the front-wheel drive sedan.
Remember the Chrysler 200? It too managed to lift Fiat-Chrysler’s 2020 sales, albeit by 9 units in this case, down from last year’s 48. Another zombie car found its way to the list, this time from the Jeep brand, and it’s none other than the Patriot. That’s right, dealers managed to convince 3 people that an SUV discontinued in 2016 is better than the second generation Compass. In 2019, they sold 27 Patriots.
Overall, FCA parted ways with 1,820,636 vehicles last year, down 17 percent from 2019’s 2,203,663. Overall, Jeep brought in the most customers, 795,313 to be more precise, while RAM accounted for 624,462. Dodge and Chrysler followed, with 267,328 and 110,464 units, while Alfa Romeo and Fiat sold 18,586 and 4,303 cars respectively. Ram’s trucks were chief among sales, with 563,676, while the podium was completed by the Jeep Grand Cherokee, with 209,786, and the Wrangler, with 201,311 examples sold.



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