Cheaper Tesla Model Y Now Offered With Seven Seats

This should be a hit.
Tesla is an absolute powerhouse. Following news of it becoming the world's most valuable automaker, its allure has become even greater, and with CEO Elon Musk now the richest man in the world, there are no signs of the EV producer slowing down anytime soon. One of its most attractive offerings is the practical Model Y, and everybody wants one. Now, everybody and their cousin will want one, since it just became more affordable and more practical.
A rear-wheel-drive offering has just been released, and on top of that, you can now spec a seven-seater too. The base price of the Model Y is now just $41,900, a saving of around eight grand over the old base model.
This new base model is called the Standard Range RWD and claims a 0-60 mph time of 5.3 seconds with a top speed of 135 mph. An EPA-estimated range of 244 miles is quoted, despite Musk previously saying that “under 250 miles” of range would be “unacceptably low”. It seems that Musk has finally discovered the power of compromise. Most people will rarely use up a full charge in one day, and elevating one's lifestyle to Tesla owner status is a big draw for many who previously would have thought a Tesla too expensive to consider. Whatever the reason for the update, we can't see a downside in making Teslas more accessible.
What about the seven-seater option? In typical Tesla fashion, this new version has arrived later than promised, but at least it is here. It's a $3,000 option and is available on any version of the Model Y, but don't be too hasty just yet – some spy shots of this model indicate that the two-seater third row will be quite cramped for adults. Seven-seater models will also feature third-row USB-C charging and the ability for the rearmost seats to fold flat, just like those in the second row. As such, practicality is enhanced. If you want one, Tesla says that deliveries will have a lead time of around two to five weeks in the US.


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