British motoring press tries the Fiat 500e – UK review roundup

Fiat hit a home run with the original new 500 which launched more than a decade ago, which is why the all new 500e (which is a brand new, completely different car) looks like an evolution of that design. It undeniably still looks the part, but what we want to know is whether or not it delivers when it comes to being a good EV.
Well, members of the EV-centric British motoring press have been given a go in the new 500e and they seem to all really like it. It is tested in a top of the range trim level, but it will be available with two sizes of battery pack (with slightly different power levels and top speeds), three body styles and we expect there to be a plethora of different themes to personalise cars with.
The first batch of cars, the ones the reviewers tried out are all the 500e La Prima launch edition models that are basically fully loaded. They get the 32 kWh battery pack (instead of the smaller 23 kWh pack), more power and a nicer finished interior that gets a larger central infotainment screen.
More Fiat 500e news:
On the road, the driving experience doesn’t seem to be particularly special, according to reviews we’ve seen so far, but you need to remember that the older 500 didn’t drive that well either, and it’s been selling extremely well for over a decade. This car is all about driving through town with ease, and at that, the new 500e is even better than the older ICE variant. Make sure to scroll down and check out all the new reviews that we’ve rounded up and posted below.


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