BMW i4 available to pre-order, arriving in early 2022

BMW Australia has opened order books for its upcoming all-electric i4 four-door coupe today, with deliveries commencing early in 2022.Orders for the all-new, all-electric have opened in Australia ahead of first deliveries during the first quarter of 2022.
BMW Australia is now taking online reservations for the i4, requiring customers to enter their personal details, select their local dealer and make a $500 deposit.
You can access the reservation portal here.
Those who make a reservation will be able to specify their vehicle later this year when full pricing and specifications are released regarding the local model line-up.

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As a refresher, the BMW i4 is essentially an electric version of the next-generation , and will offer up to 590km of range (WLTP) with its largest battery (unspecified capacity), as well as an M Performance variant with up to 390kW.
BMW claims the most powerful version will be capable of sprinting from 0-100km/h in 4.0 seconds, not far off the hi-po .
The i4 will serve as the third all-electric model to arrive in Australia as part of BMW’s new-generation EV product strategy, with the and set to arrive in Australia before the end of 2021.

BMW i4 available to pre-order, arriving in early 2022

BMW says the i4 will be produced in Munich, Germany, with electricity used in the factory to produce the i4 coming from sustainable hydroelectric plants in Bavaria. The company has a similar strategy for production of the iX in Dingolfing.
“This is a key aspect of the BMW Group’s plan to reduce its emissions by 80 per cent by 2030,” the company says in its media release.
Key rivals for the all-new BMW i4 include the , and the upcoming , both being mid-sized, premium-branded liftbacks.

BMW i4 available to pre-order, arriving in early 2022

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