All-electric car acceleration 0 to 60 mph compared

Immediate, quick, smooth and silent acceleration is the car’s trademark. Most of models/versions available can do 0-60 mph in less than eight seconds. Higher times are only in small, usually retiring models.
Almost half of the table is occupied by with its three electric cars, available in several versions each. After the most recent upgrade of Model S and Model X, Tesla took the top eight spots, offering a 0-60 mph time as low as 2.4 seconds.
Several years ago no one would believe it’s possible. Today, you can order a top-of-the-line and get a 3.2 second time for basically half the price of the top Model S.
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The two top non-Tesla models are the (4.5 seconds) and (5.5 seconds).
What makes us happy is that many mainstream models are now offering 7-second results, so more EV enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the EV grin from time to time.
All-Electric Car Acceleration Compared – May 6, 2019


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