2021 Citroen e-C4 review showcases a surprisingly appealing EV

Citroen chose to alter the formula for its C4 when it introduced the all-new version earlier this year. The C4 is no longer a conventional hatchback, but a raised model whose height places it in between regular cars and crossovers, although it looks more like a high-rider than a hatch.
With the all-new generation, Citroen also introduced an all-electric version called the e-C4. Underneath, it’s mechanically very similar to the Peugeot e-208, featuring the same motor and drivetrain, as well as the same 50 kWh battery pack.
It is a bit bigger and heavier than the Peugeot, so it’s not quite as quick or able to travel as far on a single charge, but it’s still pretty great – it is worth noting that Citroen quotes the e-C4 as being able to drive some 350 km according to the WLTP test cycle, which is some 10 km more than the e-208, but we can’t quite believe it given that the 208 has an identical motor and battery pack and it seems a bit physics-defying if true.
According to the EV Database, the e-208 has an estimated real world range of up to 270 km, while the e-C4 is rated at 250 km – this seems like a realistic estimation, so don’t buy into the manufacturer’s claim for this model.
This review published by Electrifying says that if you get past the polarising look, the e-C4 is a very competent electric car with plenty to like. The review highlights some of the e-C4’s qualities which are pretty much the same as in any other PSA group vehicle riding on the same e-CMP platform.
More Citroen news:
Unique to the e-C4 are the progressive hydraulic cushions (basically hydraulic bump stops) that improve comfort over bumps. Citroen has tried to revisit its heritage by making a car that puts comfort first, and between the relatively soft suspension and the soft seats, it is deemed a very relaxing electric car to drive. It’s a nice, pleasant electric car, wrapped in a very striking body – if that formula appeals to you then you can already order one in Europe.


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