1,200 HP Toyota MR2 Will Give Hypercars A Run For Their Money

If you ever see this Toyota MR2 on the street and think your newly-purchased performance car will leave it for dead, think again. This MR2 is the world’s quickest and not even million-dollar hypercars can keep up with it.

Visually, you could be excused for thinking this MR2 is largely stock but some significant modifications have been made to the bodywork. Most notably, the owner has widened the rear fenders and fitted a set of aftermarket wheels that include beadlocks at the rear to ensure the drag radial tire doesn’t spin on the wheel when the car rockets off the line.
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Then there’s the engine. The regular Toyota powertrain has been ditched and in its place sits an extensively upgraded Honda K20 four-cylinder engine that displaces 2.0-liters and pumps out a stunning 1,200 hp thanks to various internal upgrades and a massive turbocharger.
During a recent run at a drag strip in the U.S., the customized MR2 was able to hit 60 mph (96 km/h) in a mere 2.56 seconds, ran from 60 mph – 130 mph (209 km/h) in 3.33 seconds, passed the eighth-mile in 6.02 seconds, and did the quarter-mile in a mere 8.87 seconds at 174.55 mph (280 km/h), making the Toyota significantly quicker than any production car currently on the market.


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